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About Art by Dilyana


Thank you for visiting my website.  I’m Dilyana Imandieva (Didi for short), here’s a little bit about me.

Born in Bulgaria, I now live in the most beautiful part of South Devon.  The grace and beauty of this area feeds my creativity and inspires me every day.

I’m an artist and a teacher.  I love teaching, connecting with people and empowering their creativity makes my heart smile.

Of course, I’m beyond passionate about art.  Versatile in presentation, I see, I draw.  My watercolours are soothing yet buoyant, my oils are dynamic. I love the strength of ink drawings too.  All these make my art style very Didi!

Taking the journey with my clients commissions is exciting and rewarding;  making their idea come alive, never fails to make me happy.

In summary, I am an artist, an individual human inspired by the love of life, the love of my family and friends, with a penchant for travel.

Please do get in touch, I’d love to make your creative ideas come alive.

Didi xx

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